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Community Supported
Grass Fed Lamb

Longview Farm offers high quality, Vermont grass fed lamb to shareholders in the MA, VT and NY tri-state region.

At Longview Farm, we aim to provide healthy food for our family and community and enhance the fertility and beauty of our land. Our lambs improve our pasture, give us good company and produce delicious meat. We strive to keep them as healthy and content as possible in return for all that they give us. We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices and raise our lambs on grass, as nature intended.

Long before we were farmers, we were proponents of Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs are partnerships between farmers and a community of members who share in the risks and rewards of farming. At Longview Farm, our members purchase a share of lamb and help us with the upfront costs at the start of the grazing season.

Members gain the benefits of knowing where their food comes from and connecting with the farm through pasture walks and other on-farm events.